Vancouver Team Builds Digital Boardroom, SAP’s New Way to Visualize Data

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If Nic Smith could describe the SAP Digital Boardroom in two words, they would be “total transparency.”

The Global VP of product marketing for cloud analytics at SAP works out of the Vancouver office, where the Digital Boardroom was created.

The Digital Boardroom is an application aimed at visualizing and simplifying performance reporting in real-time.

“All your data in real time, to answer any question. Imagine that,” said Smith.

But it was the team at SAP Labs Vancouver that brought the innovation to life.

The 600 person team worked out of a newly renovated office in Vancouver, a spot that is highly desirable to the large software company.

“The team is rapidly expanding. We’re even running out of seats at the office,” said Smith.

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According to the Vancouver Sun, SAP is one of British Columbia’s largest tech employers.

“I think is there is just a lot of great talent coming out of the city. We also got a lot of help with engineers and developers from the SAP headquarters in Germany,” said Smith.

It was announced at SAP’s annual user conference in Orlando that the Digital Boardroom will run on the BusinessObjects cloud.

Aside from being one of the main attractions at CEO Bill McDermott’s keynote speech, the SAP conference also showcased the Digital Boardroom on the show floor using VR technology.

According to the team, it was a way to imagine analytics in a way that hasn’t been thought about before.

“That is software today. You have to feel engaged with it,” said Smith.

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The demo illustrated a particular industry scenario that the Digital Boardroom could help an organization visualize in real time.

The Vancouver team is building all sorts of industry, line-of-business scenarios for business decision making.

“You can have a conversation about what’s going on in your business, as its happening,” he said.

But Smith says that there’s more coming out of Canada in terms of showcasing SAP products at an immersive level.

The latest thing the Vancouver team is working on, he says, is innovating cloud analytics.

“The way to innovate with businesses is to find those needle in a haystack moments that you didn’t even know was going to happen in your business,” he said.

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