Inspiring Companies to Connect with Customers in New Ways

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The world of sales over the last few decades has changed so much, that the way corporations and others move their goods today is almost unrecognizable to the days before the internet.

One of the reasons for this are companies and platforms like Salesforce, that have helped shape the way many businesses greatly improve their bottom line.

“Salesforce began 17 years ago as a Sales Automation tool and has grown to become the Customer Success Platform and the world’s number one CRM company. What that means is that our solutions help companies find, win and keep customers by providing tools for Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Communities and Apps,” said David Borelli, GM of Commercial Sales for Salesforce Canada.

Recently Salesforce descended on the Allstream Center in Toronto with a packed crowd and a full schedule. Techvibes was there to check it out and there were many companies and corporations on display from a variety of fields that were showing off how they are able to use Salesforce and its many facets for their particular industry and solutions.

“It’s a full day of high-energy, innovation, and fun. This year, we had nearly 3,200 registered attendees, a visionary keynote by Salesforce co-founder, Parker Harris, with special guests, including Air Canada and Free the Children, over 20 breakout sessions and an interactive expo area with Salesforce and partner demos and much more,” he added.

The event was a well thought out way to connect companies and people from various industries. By having them all coagulate together, it was a convention-style think tank in many ways. “Our goal is to inspire and enable companies to connect with customers in new ways, create 1-to-1 customer journeys and make smarter, more predictive decisions from anywhere, in real time—all of which help accelerate growth.”

The Salesforce World Tour has developed into a popular event and has come far from its simpler beginnings. “World Tour started more than a decade ago. It began as a small and intimate gathering with our customers and has since grown into a world-class event that brings together some of the world’s brightest minds and top influencers.”

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