Peekabo Beans Using FrontFundr to Raise Money Through $1,000 Investments

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Peekaboo Beans and FrontFundr have joined forces to raise capital for Peekaboo Beans in its next evolution of growth.

FrontFundr, an online investment platform, will be hosting Peekaboo Beans, a children’s playwear brand founded in 2006 in Vancouver, pre-listing capital raise on their platform. Peekaboo is targeting $1.25 million raise at a $5 million valuation.

Minimum investment is set at $1,050.

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“FrontFundr gives us access to a much larger pool of investor and allows our customer base that love our product so much to be part of the growth of our company,” Traci Costa, CEO of Peekaboo Beans, says. “Just as we are creating a play revolution, FrontFundr is creating an investor revolution, a perfect match.”

Peekaboo Beans shares are now available for purchase through the FrontFundr platform.

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