WULU Launches New Version of ‘Social Throwback’ App

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WULU, a real-time topic-based conversation app, has launched Version 2.0 of their ‘social throwback’ app.

Since the launch of the app in 2014 that coincided with their sponsorship of the 2014 Startup Calgary Launch Party, the WULU team has incorporated new features based on feedback from early adopters. Users can now submit their own topics and have them automatically added to the conversation queue. The new “My WULU” section lets users keep track of topics from people they are following. A new dashboard also makes it easier for users to explore topics for conversation.

Based on current issues other social networks are facing with online bullying, WULU has strengthened the app’s anti-trolling measures: users can now flag and report comments and conversations. This security feature ensures that bullying, offensive comments, and trolls are not welcome on WULU and will be flagged, blocked, or banned.

To launch V2.0 of the app, WULU has partnered with the Calgary Folk Music Festival (which is running July 23-26). The team believes it is an ideal venue for the open beta test of the new version of the app.

“We believe in supporting local events in our city,” said Mike Nyhus, one of the cofounders of WULU. “I’ve attended the Calgary Folk Music Festival for many years. We felt that testing our product with a user base that is passionate about specific topics – music, bands, and community – would be an excellent place to test out the power of WULU.”

One new feature of WULU debuting at Folk Festival is their new “WULU Current” section. This feature will take advantage of WULU’s real-time conversation technology to host special artist chats with some of the performers at the Calgary Folk Music Festival. And as part of their partnership with the Folk Festival, the app will feature a special Folk Fest banner under which attendees can start conversations on topics such as Stages & Music, Food Fest, and Tarp Sharing.

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