Canada’s Top 5 Angel Investors by AngelList Popularity

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AngelList is increasingly becoming the place where early-stage and seed deals first get off the ground. Of late, the growing community of startup founders and investors has been transitioning from a social network into an investment platform.

This week a new site built on top of AngelList’s API is offering a founder-friendly dashboard that should help better connect startup founders to those investors who are relevant to their business. In short, angel5 provides a quick and dirty lists of investors based on market, region and even niche categories like Dog lovers and Moms.

Browsing the region splice gives users a quick idea of who might be Canada’s top five angel investors.

Dan Martell has 5,600 followers; Boris Wertz has 2,200 followers; Andy Yang has 2,100 followers; Jennifer Lum has 1,800 followers; and Chris Arsenault has 1,200 followers.

Obviously the results favor those investors that have active profiles on AngelList, ignoring those that have not set up an account and others whoaren’t actively engaged in the community. So while it’s certainly not definitive, it’s nonetheless interesting.

What do you think of the results? Are Version One Ventures’ Boris, Apricot Capital’s Jennifer, Dan, Extreme Startups’ Andy, and iNovia Capital’s Chris Canada’s top five angel investors?

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