An inside look at the strategy and technology at some of the world's most fascinating companies.

Spotify Streaming Intelligence Creates New Brand Opportunities

Global brands like Smirnoff and Adidas are taking advantage of Spotify's reach to connect with audiences in ways never thought possible.

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Red Bull Racing's Data-Driven Dominance

Building Red Bull's extensive brand influence only took two $15 million dollar cars, 100,000 bespoke components, and one shining subsidiary.

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MLSE is Leading the Digital Revolution in Professional Sports

Deep analytics, startup incubators, and the biggest digital team in professional sports is helping MLSE bring home championships.

Read More and the Obligation to Responsibly Mature AI

AI is big business—stop me if you've heard that one before. All around the world, AI startups are flourishing, even at t...

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Failure and Empathy Becomes Innovation at Twenty One Toys

When was the last time you played with a toy? Ilana Ben-Ari thinks it's been too long. As the founder and CEO of Twen...

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The Fast and the Frictionless: Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange with Shakepay

Ah, the pivot—is there a less ubiquitous phrase when it comes to technology? Many companies shift their vision at one po...

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Plan for Friction: Element AI and the Pursuit of Ethics

“We want to be a contributor for a smooth transition to a more positive future.” In order for an AI system to be succ...

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Wattpad is Democratizing Entertainment with Data-Driven Content

“Technology and entertainment have never been closer together.” That’s a phrase you might hear wandering through the ...

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Data & Design: How WiderFunnel Cracked the Code

Advertising can only get you so far. The rest is up to the company to actually execute on what they told the consumer to...

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ChefHero's Inventory Platform Is Democratizing the Food Industry

What's the plan for dinner tonight? If it involves cooking, it's easy enough to find a grocery store to grab ingredients...

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FunnelCake is Fixing How Teams Work Together

“We’re always pushing to make things bigger because we have a huge vision for the future.” As most inspiring entrepre...

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League's Unprecedented Vision for Health and Wellness

League didn't set out to become a next-generation health insurance platform, and Michael Serbinis is the first person to...

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Endy's Foam Mattress is Winning Over Canadians

Don't skimp on quality for anything that separates you from the ground. That unwritten rule includes things like shoes, ...

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