Students Should Study Technical Fields – But Not at Expense of Soft Skills

While salaries in STEM fields continue to outperform the national norm, the most successful candidates in technology fields have top-notch communication skills and business savvy. Data from Lannick Group’s 2016 Salary Report shows that the supply of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics graduates still falls short of demand, with employers paying significant premiums for technically-proficient … Continued

Faking the 80-Hour Workweek to Get Ahead in Your Career

What if you could work regular hours but gain the benefits—think raises, promotions—of those 80-hour-week workaholics? Turns out you can. A study revealed some people, mostly men, pretend to work brutal hours every week while actually keeping a fairly sane schedule. And the research, published in Organization Science, shows that these fakers still earn high … Continued

Office Ping-Pong Table No Replacement for Decent Paycheck, Real Culture

Are office perks overrated? Yes, according Bloomberg’s work culture reporter, Rebecca Greenfield. “The office ping-pong table is insulting to the intelligence of employees,” she writes. “We know ping-pong tables and kegarators don’t make work fun or fulfilling.” Quoth Bloomberg: Perks are signifiers, a way for organizations to express a commitment to a laid-back corporate culture … Continued

Technology Issues Costing Employees Two Weeks of Productivity Each Year

Employees could be losing more than two work weeks each year trying to get their computer equipment to work. According to a new survey of Canadian office workers by Robert Half Technology, professionals waste an average of 19 minutes each day, dealing with IT-related issues. For someone who works five eight-hour days for 50 weeks … Continued

Checking Work Emails Outside Office Disrupts Personal Lives, Makes Us Angry

Deep down, you already knew this. But now you have a study to share with doubters: dealing with work emails outside of work ruins your personal life. According to the results of a study conducted by researchers The University of Texas at Arlington, people become angry when receiving work-related communications after leaving the office. “People … Continued

Canadians Workers More Concerned with Lack of Advancement Than Low Pay

LinkedIn’s “Global Job Seeker Trends” report surveyed more than 10 thousand recent job changers across the world to see what drives professionals to take new opportunities. The survey revealed that North American workers are more concerned with the opportunity than the size of their paycheck. 48 per cent of North American job switchers left their … Continued

Coffee Shops a Decent Place to Conduct Some Work – for a Little While, Anyway

Are coffee shops the best place to conduct business? Flexible workspace provider Regus recently investigated “the perils of the remote worker,” who is often found working in spaces other than a traditional office. Result shows that on-the-go workers don’t mind checking emails in a coffee shop, but they can only work in this environment for … Continued