Celtx Screenwriting Software Doubles User Base

Celtx, the pre-production screenwriting software based out of St. John’s, has had a big year. Last April the company had roughly two million customers logging in at least five times. This April, that number has exploded to 4.6 million users, being used in 170 countries. The software was financially backed way back in 2006 by … Continued

Halifax Program Gives Entrepreneurs Skills To Succeed

Traditionally entrepreneurship is a learn-while-doing venture. However, the vast majority of entrepreneurs have little-to-no business experience. You may have a great idea. But without a little business know-how, bringing your idea to fruition may be difficult. Enter Dawn Jutla. Dawn is starting a Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) program at Saint Mary’s University … Continued

Spring-loaded Technology Helps Put A Spring In Your Step

Halifax’s Spring Loaded Technology aims to make a better knee brace. Instead of just bracing the knee, they aim to enhance it. Though Spring Loaded could help you jump higher and land softer (picture Disney’s John Carter, but take it down a couple notches), the real potential is for rehabilitation and injury prevention. The product … Continued

Olivia Chow and Google Provide a New Skillset for an Older Generation

Imagine moving to a new country whose principal language is not English. Then, imagine that their technology is slightly more advanced than what you’re used to. You can imagine that some of the simplest tasks, such as finding out when your garbage pick-up day is, or finding your nearest voting location during an election (let … Continued

Charlottetown’s Ooka Island Wants To Eradicate Illiteracy

Educational software company Ooka Island aims to completely eradicate illiteracy. Their product, The Ooka Island Adventure, helps kids ages three to seven with their reading through the use of fun online games. The great thing about the software is that it’s adaptive, ensuring your child masters a reading skill before moving on. The company recently … Continued

Canadian Asteroid-detecting Satellite Launches Today

Less than two weeks after the Russian meteor event injured almost 1,500 people, Canada is launching a meteor detection satellite. In a case of pretty poor luck, the satellite is designed to detect Aten asteroids—a group of asteroids known for near-Earth orbits, and the type the Russian meteor just happened to be. The Near-Earth Object … Continued

First-ever East Coast Startup Week Brings Maritime Entrepreneurs Together

The first ever East Coast Startup Week will be held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, from March 20 to 24. The five day event will bring together hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors for a week of pitching, networking, and learning. “East Coast Startup Week gives our region the critical mass needed to support our growing … Continued

Quantifying Canada’s Hockey Pride with Google Trends

Sure, Lacrosse is Canada’s “official” sport, but when is the last time you wished people would stop complaining about a Lacrosse lockout? If you answered “never,” then you are certainly in the majority of Canadians. In fact, a quick Google Trends search showed hockey to be searched on average about 10 times more often than … Continued

Canada Denies MegaUpload Server Request From US Government

You have to be impressed at the tenacity with which the US Government has gone after MegaUpload. The late file-hosting site was shut down almost exactly a year ago by the US Department of Justice in an unprecedented international effort to stop copyright infringement. The smoke of this drama has yet to clear, with many … Continued