TransGaming licenses 3D technology to Adobe Flash platform

TransGaming, founded in Ottawa and now headquarted in Toronto, has licensed the company’s SwiftShader 3D technology to Adobe to improve 3D effects in Flash-based applications. SwiftShader is a pure software 3D renderer that allows computers without high-end graphics cards to run 3D effects. The software renderer has previously been used by casual gaming companies to … Continued

Ottawa firm brings an alternative to Google AdWords

Ottawa-based AffinityClick is looking to take on Google’s AdWords advertising platform. Launched at BlogWord 2010 earlier this month, AffinityClick allows bloggers to insert product placements into their blog. AffinityClick currently has a roster of 50 million products from 15,000 online retailers. The products that appear once a blogger has signed up and pasted the code … Continued

Students and Startups and Zeebu Mobile

Students and Startups is an initative from Ottawa’s co-working space The Code Factory to help students gain experience from local start-ups who are seeking talent. Zeebu Mobile, who develop educations kids games for mobile devices, were among the Ottawa companies to join the initiative. Below is a video posted by The Code Factory where the … Continued

Ottawa looks to bring more Swedish tech to the city in wake of Ericsson profits

Purchasing Nortel assets during the Ottawa tech firm’s bankruptcy sale last year has paid off handsomely for Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, which posted record Q3 profits last week. Now a consortium of Ottawa tech companies are in Sweden pitching Ottawa as an ideal city for more wireless firms to do business. Looking to convince more … Continued

Collaborative research project harnesses more power from the sun

Working together, several Canadian research groups have developed a method of powering a typical household on a sunny day using solar power. Dubbed SUNRISE (Semiconductors Using Nanostructures for Record Increases in Solar-cell Efficiency,) the project is able to generate two kilowatts of power from solar energy. Although solar power is already in use in many … Continued

100 Gigabit network connects researchers even faster

Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) now has an ultra-fast lane on their network, thanks to a collaboration with Ciena to get a 100 gigabit network up and running some powerful applications. CANARIE, which connects many research institutions including government, university, hospital and other labs, can now collaborate on even more complex undertakings thanks … Continued

GTEC 2010: Why aren’t wireless routers secured by default?

Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddard wants to know why wireless routers are not secure by default. Many people purchase a wireless router, plug it in then simply connect their computer to the one called Linksys with virtually no security. This leaves the router available for anyone to use, particularly those who might have malicious intentions. … Continued

GTEC 2010: David Eaves on Open Data: ‘Just Do It!’

David Eaves wants the Federal Government to kill his website. While that would be a nightmare for many web entrepreneurs, the outspoken Open Data activist has been scraping government data and putting it up on and would like the government itself to make his work irrelevant. Open Data is the principle whereby governments of … Continued

GTEC 2010: A secure social network for the G20

When G20 leaders met in Toronto last June to discuss the global economy, they had a new made-in-Canada tool to track the gathering: a secure hosted “Facebook.” Fourty public and private sector organizations collaborated to create the application, joined under the Canadian Digital Media Network. At past gatherings of international heads of state, individual leaders … Continued