Hardware Row Comes to Wearable Wednesday Vancouver March 16

The 2016 Reboot of Wearable Wednesday Vancouver wouldn’t be complete without a sampling of Vancouver’s flourishing next generation hardware startups that will be featured on Hardware Row. The purpose of Hardware Row exhibitors is to allow the opportunity for early-stage hardware startups to connect with the local community, and get a chance to meet the … Continued

If You’re Into Software, You Need to Get Smart About Hardware

If there is an “app for that” in the world of software and mobile, hardware’s equivalent is new chips and sensors. As inventors and suppliers innovate componentry—making things smaller, faster, better—we can now have systems on a chip. This layer of smart virtualization is what will define the new computer. Across all industry sectors, software … Continued

How a Company as Big as Microsoft Learned Lessons from Grassroots Innovation

Innovation is integral to the success of companies be they big or small. This isn’t lost on Microsoft. Michelle Sklar sat down with T.K. Rengarajan, Corporate VP, Technology & Research, Microsoft during the #BCTECH Summit to learn about the company’s approach to innovation. MS: Can you tell us about the new learning tools for OneNote … Continued

The State of BC’s Digital Entertainment Sector

Is Canada’s low loony helping our digital entertainment sector? Michelle Sklar caught up with Prem Gill, CEO of Creative BC, at the #BCTECH Summit this past week, to answer this question and much more. MS: Tell us about Creative BC. PG: We are a nonprofit agency, set up and supported by the provincial government, to … Continued

Talking with Thoughtexchange, Winner of Innovation Showcase at #BCTech Summit

Can digitized decision-making become a substitute for face-to-face conversations? Michelle Sklar caught up with Dave Macleod, CEO of Thoughtexchange, and Jim Firstbrook, CTO, to address this idea. Thoughtexchange was the winner of the Innovation Showcase Award at the #BCTECH Summit last week. MS: Tell us about Thoughtexchange. DM: We are a software platform that facilitates … Continued

How Every Child in BC Will Learn to Code

The #BCTECHSummit is well underway with an anticipated 2,800 people in attendance over the next two days. In it’s inaugural year, the BC government, in partnership with the BC Innovation Council has brought together cutting edge entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, Vancouver’s business community and world renowned thought leaders to connect, collaborate and celebrate BC’s thriving tech … Continued

Why It’s Important for Technology to Have a Seat at Creativity’s Table

While we can safely assume that there is unlikely any industry left that has not been disrupted by technology, the key for most is in how to embrace that paradigm shift, to get in front of that fast-moving train in order to remain relevant and competitive. The advertising industry, for example, once in the driver’s … Continued