Why Working Longer Hours Can Actually be Less Productive

In most industries, the norm is to work very long hours per week. This is particularly true in Canada and the US. False business belief is that “those who work latest work best.” But according to OnlineMBA, while it seems that the 40-hour work week has been largely dispensed with in our over-working culture, new … Continued

How Can Facebook Be Successful Long-term When Its Predecessor Lasted Just Five Years?

Marcel Côté, Senior Partner and co-founder of SECOR, which was recently acquired by KPMG, recently published “Innovation Reinvented” along with Dr. Roger Miller. For 35 years, Côté has been an expert in strategic management for entrepreneurs, large corporations and governments. He has notably been the economic adviser of several prime ministers of Quebec and Canada. … Continued

Four Common Startup Myths Budding Entrepreneurs Keep Falling For

Tara Hunt, serial entrepreneur and cofounder of Buyosphere.com, argues that new entrepreneurs are often dealing with a difficult life: they are not necessarily rewarded for all their efforts and they are not really their own bosses. Hunt highlighted four common myths associated with the launch of new ventures during the Montreal International Startup Festival. MYTH … Continued

Taleo Exit Generates Positive Effects for Quebec’s Startup Ecosystem

Capital Innovation recently organized a conference in Montreal about venture capitalism in the technology sector. Capital Innovation and the International Venture Forums grew since their launch in 2008 to become the largest innovation investment program in Quebec, supporting one of the most important networks of angel investors and venture capital managers in Canada. One of … Continued

Ebook Revenues Surpass Hardcovers for First Time, Report Reveals

The proliferation of tablets, ereaders, smartphones and laptops is stimulating the demand for eBooks. In the US, the Association of American Publishers released a report showing that ebooks have surpassed hardcover revenues for the first time. Ebook revenues topped out at $282.3 million so far in 2012 while hardcovers hit $229.6. One year ago, US … Continued