For VCs, Artificial Intelligence is Table Stakes

A speech bubble emerges from Darth Vader’s helmet, announcing Klue’s three alliterative tenets: “Fast, Flowy, Friendly”. In the company’s brightly-lit Vancouver office, a cut out of the helmet – along with its surprisingly unmenacing utterance – is pinned on the wall a step away from a window sill holding Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm, the classic … Continued

How Duolingo Got 170 Million Users Worldwide to Learn a Second Language

Duolingo was founded in 2011 to make a dent in language education. Six years later, with 170 million users worldwide, it is safe to say that it has. The free—and addictive—language learning program is the most downloaded app in the Education category on both iTunes and Google Play. Designed with game elements—levels to complete, skills … Continued

Project Drawdown: The Answers to Global Warming are Already Here

From the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, one can often look down through undisturbed air at the sunset reflecting off the clouds below.  From this environment, as tranquil as it is remote, scientists monitor the atmosphere as they’ve been doing continuously since 1958. Last month, the observatory was the source of very unfortunate news:  sensors … Continued

CVR 2017 Puts Consumer Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality on Display in Vancouver

CVR 2017 took place over the weekend in Vancouver, showcasing a host of virtual and augmented reality companies and thought leaders from prominent organizations in science, transportation, media, among many others. This is the second year for the conference that bills itself as “the premier event to experience ground breaking new virtual and augmented reality … Continued

Defiant Labs’ DX-3 Brings Machine Learning to the Skies

The stunningly sleek DX-3 “will fundamentally change the drone industry,” says Adam Sax, CEO and Founder of The Sky Guys, the Toronto-based innovators in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. The new drone model, unveiled last December at the International UAV Show, boasts a 1,500-kilometer range and an over-24 hour flight time. According to Sax, there … Continued

Technology Investor Day Sees Companies Present to Capital Markets Investors

This week the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange, in partnership with the CVCA, held the Technology Investor Day, an event that gives both public and private technology companies an opportunity to present to capital market investors and build on existing investor relationship programs and strategies. Each year the TSX/TSXV runs approximately ten Investor Days across … Continued

ACL’s New Vancouver Office a Beacon to Tech Companies

“The last time we moved was 15 years ago. It was a huge milestone for us. It launched a whole decade of excitement and this feels exactly the same,” said ACL’s founder Harald Will after cutting the ceremonial ribbon officially opening ACLs new space in downtown Vancouver. The newly-designed, $10 million dollar corporate headquarters occupies … Continued

Tech, Integrity, and Innovation at BCLC

Out of its Kamloops, B.C. office, BCLC has been quietly building out its tech team and keeping on top of the biggest trends in the domain. BCLC conducts gaming and manages casino play in British Columbia, generating revenue that returns to the province to support various investments such as health care and education. The organization … Continued