Google’s +1 button to impact search results?; +1s for sale

According to Wired, Google has shared its plans to use its +1 button to influence its search results. “Google will study the clicks on +1 buttons as a signal that influences the ranking and appearance of websites in search results,” a spokesman wrote. “The purpose of any ranking signal is to improve overall search quality. … Continued

Canadians concerned about online privacy: Study

The Privacy Commissioner conducted a survey to see what Canadians had to say about their online privacy. The survey was created in response to the Conservative government’s proposed lawful access legislation this fall that would grant law enforcement agencies greater access to personal information on the Internet. The survey revealed that 82 per cent of … Continued

Inside the Blackberry 9900 Bold; DirectFix posts teardown video

Ever wonder what the inside of your Blackberry looks like? Parts distributor, DirectFix, has already created a teardown video for a Rogers-branded Bold, showing the compact internals and modular construction. Taking apart your phone typically voids its warranty, so for many of us, it’s probably better to have someone vicariously open one up. For those … Continued

Developing education: is there room for video games in classrooms?

One of the biggest challenges for teachers these days is to find ways to help integrate students into a world that is becoming increasingly technology oriented. What’s becoming more attractive these days is the prospect of educational gaming. The idea is that games will help engage people in activities that they don’t typically find engaging … Continued

Samsung claims Kubrick the original visionary behind Apple’s iPad

According to ABC News, in response to the slew of patent infringement cases that Apple has thrown at Samsung, Samsung is arguing that Apple wasn’t the first to conceptualize the tablet—that it actually first appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Here’s part of Samsung’s attorneys’ argument: “Attached hereto as Exhibit D … Continued

Penny Arcade Adventures returns with Zeboyd Games

Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade, a web comic created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik — known for their witty and oftentimes crass reviews on games, will be seeing the continuation of their episodic action-adventure game, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Developer Zeboyd Games — best known for its Xbox … Continued

Majority of e-readers owned by women; tablets by men

E-readers and tablets have been two emerging markets that see a lot of overlap. However, some would say that the two technologies might as well have come from Venus and Mars. According to Nielsen’s second-quarter survey, 61 per cent of e-reader owners are women, up from 46 per cent in the third quarter of last … Continued

Canadian tech CEOs see shortage in talent; university education an issue?

While most companies have shown they’re willingness to keep good talent, the biggest challenge for CEOs is finding people that will match up with their company’s needs. The shortfall for most candidates — many of whom are recent graduates — is a lack of experience. Professional services firm, PwC, recently released a report on Canadian … Continued

Android sees 76% jump in malware; now most-attacked mobile operating system

According to the U.S. computer security firm, McAfee, Android has seen a 76% jump in malware in the second quarter compared with the first. It is now the most-attacked mobile operating system, surpassing Nokia’s Symbian. “This year we have seen record breaking numbers of malware, especially on mobile devices, where the uptick is in direct … Continued