What We Know About Nintendo’s Upcoming ‘NX’ Console

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With the launch of Pokémon Go and the resurrection of the NES, it’s been an exciting month to follow Nintendo. What’s next for the company? The “NX,” a next-gen handheld console originally thought to be the successor to the Wii U.

The latest news on that front is that the console will feature detachable controllers, sources have confirmed to Eurogamer. The system will also be able to connect to TVs for big-screen gaming.

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Nintendo will still use traditional game cartridges for the NX, sources say, but digital downloads are also expected to be available. Backward compatibility is unlikely, however, due to how different the technology is this time around.

The hardware is different, and so is the software—Nintendo has developed a new operating system in-house specifically for the NX, rumors suggest. The console is slated for a release during springtime next year.

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