How to Play Soccer in Facebook Messenger

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When Facebook separated its Messenger app, people thought it was an unnecessary complication—”oh great, yet another app to have on my phone.” But the messaging platform has done well for itself, proving it is worthy of being its own app.

The strongest evidence of that is that the app now boasts one billion monthly active users. To celebrate. The second-most popular iOS app ever, Messenger sees 17 billion photos sent monthly, 380 million stickers sent daily, and 22 million GIFs per day.

But there’s a couple of hidden secrets within Messenger most users do not know about. Namely, games! Yes, within Messenger, you can play football, basketball, and chess. Here’s how.

How to Play Soccer

  1. Ensure your Messenger app is up to date.
  2. Open up a chat with any friend (or even yourself).
  3. Send the other person the soccer ball ⚽️ emoji.
  4. Tap the emoji you just sent. Voila! A game will open up.

How to Play Basketball

  1. Follow the same steps as above, but use the basketball emoji.

How to Play Chess

  1. Type “@fbchess play” into a chat and send it. A chess game will open.
  2. You play by writing commands. P is for pawn; B is for bishop; R for rook; Q for queen; K for king; and N for knight. And each square is represented by a number on one axis and a lowercase letter on the other.
  3. For example, if you want to move a second pawn, you could write: “@fbchess Pb3.”

One Billion People Now Use Facebook Messenger

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