Mastercard Rebrands, Unveils ‘Masterpass’ Digital Payment Solution

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Payments giant Mastercard today unveiled a rebrand and its new global digital payment service.

The company’s latest solution, Masterpass, enables consumers to look no further than their own bank or credit union to make simple and secure digital payments across devices and channels anywhere they want to shop.

Masterpass simplifies the checkout experience,” the company says.

The rollout of Masterpass-enabled solutions from issuers in the US begins later this month. Additional rollout Masterpass service in North America, will continue through 2016.

“With billions of cardholders across the globe, we are working with our issuers and merchants to ensure that we’re delivering digital payments that support consumer expectations for a familiar and secure payment experience both now and in the future,” said Craig Vosburg, president of North America, Mastercard.  “The expansion of Masterpass represents an important evolution of our business. We’re packaging the intelligence and insights generated by digital payment solutions to power a wide range of merchant and consumer experiences.”

To reflect “a readiness and optimism about this transformation,” Mastercard is also introducing an evolution of its brand identity.


“Mastercard is one of those unique brands that is instantly recognizable around the world,” said Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer, Mastercard. “To thrive in this new digital world where business moves faster than ever, we want to modernize and elevate the brand in a design that is simple and elegant, yet unquestionably Mastercard.”

The evolved brand identity will be rolled out to Mastercard products, communications, and experiences, starting with Masterpass later this month.

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