Startup Uses Google Street View Technology to Help Recruit Talent

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Struggling to meet hiring demand during a period of growth, Vancouver tech company Canada Drives is introducing an online virtual office tour powered by Google Street View technology to support an aggressive recruitment campaign.

The company admits it is having difficulty attracting and retaining tech professionals, which it blames on the high cost of living in the city. Occupying an entire floor in downtown Vancouver’s famed Two Bentall Centre, and scheduled to take over another floor within the next week, Canada Drives is using an online walkthrough as a way to stand out from other tech companies, according to company founder Cody Green.

“We are facing significant recruitment challenges due to all the local, national and even international news coverage about Vancouver’s housing market,” explains Green.  “Because we are conducting a lot of international Skype interviews, Google street view gives us a powerful visual tool to use in our conversations with candidates who are often located on the other side of the globe.”

Metro Vancouver was recently ranked as Canada’s second-best startup hub, and among the 20 best in North America.

Tech entities currently occupy nearly 40 per cent of downtown Vancouver’s commercial real estate, and across BC, the tech sector employs 87,000 people, which is more than forestry, mining and oil and gas combined.

“We have a young dynamic work force, a beautiful open concept office with a fully catered kitchen, and are located in a stunning part of the city near the water,” says Green. “It is important that we highlight every advantage we have as a company and a city in such a competitive marketplace.”

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