Wealthsimple Launches Portfolio Review to Give Investors a Second Opinion

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Online investment manager Wealthsimple has launched a free second opinion product for investors.

Called Portfolio Review, the new product will allow users to submit their investment portfolio to be reviewed by Wealthsimple’s team of registered Portfolio Managers.

WealthSimple says there is no obligation to sign up for Wealthsimple, and you’ll receive actionable, non-biased advice on how to improve your portfolio.

“We believe investing should be simple, smarter, and low-cost for all Canadians,” says CEO and Founder Michael Katchen. “Our new portfolio review feature will help Canadian investors make sure their money is in the right places, using key investment principles we advise our clients to follow.”

The review is an objective evaluation of your portfolio across key dimensions that impact future performance, such as diversification, fees, taxes and past investment behaviours.

“We’re able to provide you with practical advice on where your portfolio can improve, in order to help your long-term financial goals,” says Portfolio Manager David Nugent.

Since launch, Wealthsimple has brought in more than $400M in assets under management with over 10,000 clients on the platform. Last month they were named to PayPal’s FinTech Five.

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