Five Cool Companies You’ll Meet at Techfest Next Week

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Last week I told you about five companies that would be attending Techfest on May 25. And what a list it was

There is no shortage of amazing companies in British Columbia, and a lot of them are local startups. But no matter the atmosphere you desire, there is a job for all kinds. 

That’s what Techfest is all about. 

Sure, it’s about tech jobs, and sure, it’s size is kept more to a personal capacity, but Techfest is about introducing a ton of amazing talent, to a truckload of people doing extraordinary things.

Techfest is the place where the invited, and the registered arrive to find a future together. Techvibes is the friend who taps you on the shoulder, walks you over to whatshisname from thisamazingcompany and says, “You two should talk.”

Here are five more outstanding companies that will be setting up shop for the night, to meet all of you, at Techfest Vancouver.


East Side Games

As an indie darling that helped ring in the movement of grass roots game development in Vancouver’s now abundant scene, ESG is made of a thriving team of finely tuned devs. Over the past few years, ESG has made the transition from Facebook games, into mobile development, launching multiple hit Android & iOS games. The team, now 60-plus strong, remains fiercely independent, and one of the most inclusive, and inspiring places to work.

Looking for: IT Ops Lead, Producer, Game Design Director, Sr. Software Engineer


Advisor Websites

If you’ve never heard of AdvisorWebsites, know this; they have an amazing fridge. Jesting aside, AW is a leading design studio that builds some of the most stunning business websites for financial advising firms. With insane functionality, and one of the best customer supports in all of tech, it’s no surprise to see AW succeed at their craft.

Looking for: Customer Success Coordinator, Sr. Web Application Dev, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Sales Assoc. (various locations), and MORE!


Function Point

Is your product on the web? Of course it is, otherwise it would be extremely odd that you’re even reading this article right now. It’s a digital age, and Function Point is a front-running project management software aimed at companies advertising/interacting on the internet. Combining time tracking, project management, financial / business reporting, and CRM, it’s a must-have for ad agencies, design studios, and marketing departments.

Looking for: Account Executive, Front End Software Developer, Marketing Director, Onboarding Consultant, PHP Software Developer.


Boeing Canade – Aeroinfo

There is no bigger name in Canadian aerospace than Boeing. You’ve seen a Boeing plane, and you’ve most-likely been in one (if you fly). Their Aeroinfo division specializes in delivering killer support via information technology for all of Boeing’s airline customers. The Aeroinfo group has grown their operations greatly in the past few years.

Looking for: DevOps Specialist, Dir. Product Development, Full Stack Software Dev, and MORE!


Best Buy Canada

After closing/merging with Future Shop stores in Canada, Best Buy has become the only go-to tech big-box retailer in the country.  With their headquarters in Burnaby, Best Buy employs a ton of local talent. Ranging from corporate jobs, to retail excellence, Best Buy looks to the future of retail experiences, serving Canadians.

Looking for: IT Sales, Strategic Account Manager, Sr. QA Analyst, Manager of Datacenter, Project Managers, Web Designers, and MORE!

These are just some of the amazing companies you can look forward to socializing with at Techfest. Tickets are still available.

So come out, on May 25 to the Canada Post Building on West Georgia and make new connections. Whether it’s for business development, or brilliant new career opportunities, Techfest is where you should be.

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