Three Things Canadians Should Know About Apple Pay

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Apple pay is finally in Canada.

Can you use it? Will it benefit you? Below are answers to three common questions we’ve been hearing this month about Apple Pay.

Can I Use Apple Pay?

Apple recently unveiled a slew of new partners in Canada, including RBC and CIBC, as well as ATB Financial and Canadian Tire Financial. Other banks, including BMO and TD, intend to join the party very soon.

38% of Canadian smartphone users own iPhones, but you need something newer, such as a 6 or SE—older Apple devices do not have the pay function. The Apple Watch has Pay, though.

Will Apple Pay Change My Life?

No, not really. Anyone with a tap-ready credit or debit card will observe paying with your phone isn’t necessarily more convenient. However, it is more secure, demanding your fingerprint to confirm a purchase. It’s also similarly restricting, limiting payments to $100, with payments above that threshold requiring a passcode.

Apple Pay is simply your credit card on file within your phone and then the same NFC-enabled tap gesture you perform with your current plastic. Cool, but nothing special.

How Do I Activate Apple Pay?

This part is pretty simple. Go into Settings, then into Wallet & Apple Pay. Next, tap “Add Credit or Debit Card.” From there you can snap a photo of your card to its details to your device.

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