Five Tech Companies Making Waves at Techfest Vancouver This Month

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If you’ve never been to a Techfest event, prepare to shake a lot of hands, greet a lot of smiling people, and most important, be introduced to a ton of people whom absolutely love their jobs.

Students, and professionals alike are always surprised when they’re engulfed in the adoration for the work done by these folks. Talking to many people at last year’s event, something similar came up on everyone’s shortlist: “Everyone in this industry, in this city, is ecstatic to work here.”

And that’s true, no matter the company. Techfest is great at bringing companies not normally associated with one another, into the same room to schmooze potential employees. As a job-seeking attendee, it’s a feast of possibility. There’s aerospace leaders, online retailer sluggers, customer retention scientists, indie game darlings, and even legal tool developers. It’s a smorgasbord. And probably slightly overwhelming.

So here is a shortlist of companies making waves at this spring’s Techfest in Vancouver.



In an underserved market, it doesn’t take perfection to make waves. So it’s better that Clio isn’t messing around when they set out to revolutionize the productivity and workload of the legal industry. Founded in 2008, Clio is a growing office, and an exploding name.

Looking for: Copywriter, Web Developer, Jr. Talent Acquisition, Business Development Rep, Admin/Customer Service Manager.

Broadband TV

BBTV is one of those names, one of those companies, that influences the way the world interacts with the internet, yet folks even know the name. BBTV is a full-service multimedia company that assists in the growth of online video creators. They’ve recently cut the ribbon on a new high-tech state of the art facility in Vancouver to house their upwards of 200 employees.

Looking for: Legal Compliance Officer, Partner Exp Rep, Sr. Business Dev, Account Specialist.


The world moves quickly. Even faster on the internet. And first impressions are among the most important thing to a business operating online. So Unbounce created a service that uses professional design, and strategy to provide … as the name suggests … less bounce away from your product. This amazingly talented group of free-thinkers, and inventors is bursting with experience and enthusiasm. Easily one of the most enjoyable companies to be around.

Looking for: Marketing Manager, Developers, Community Coordinator, Data Analyst, Product Designer, and more.

Ritchie Bros.

Logistics fans, meet your wildest dream. Ritchie Bros is an auction powerhouse, located in the lower mainland. And by powerhouse, I mean they’re a world renowned name, and they auction large powerful equipment. Over 50 years of auctions, has led to the group reaching the multi-billion dollar in sales figures annually.

Looking for: IT Operations, Manager Global HR Processes, Production Content Coordinator, Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst.


There isn’t much that hasn’t already been said about the world’s most popular software company. But what they’re doing in their new fancy Vancouver campus is something you’re going to want to be a part of. Located in the heart of downtown, the new Microsoft Canada office looks to make a huge impact on the tech industry in our province. One high-tech amenity at a time. Microsoft was also named one of the Best Workplaces in Canada, and Top 25 Workplaces for Women.

Looking for: Software Engineers, Program Manager, Sr. AR/VR Engineer, UI Engineer.

And those are just five of the myriad companies attending the event.

The list of companies looking for epic people to join them is vast. TechFest is a premier, and almost private hiring event. Employees know they are getting face-time with some of Vancouver’s best tech studios, and employers have the fortune of meeting the cream of the professional crop!



Techfest Vancouver will take place on May 25. Register now.

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