Has Watching Netflix Become More Appealing Than Going to a Movie Theatre?

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For Netflix subscribers, the ideal date night is a quiet night in watching Netflix rather than heading out to the movie theatre, according to a new Ipsos poll.

The poll—which, comissioned by Netflix, might be biased—suggests 58% prefer staying in to watch Netflix rather than go out to see a movie (42%).

Oh, and 56% of Netflix subscribers report that they “find someone more attractive based on the shows that they like.”

In order to avoid confrontation, most people say they negotiate with their spouse, partner or significant other when deciding which shows to watch. As a relationship progresses, it hits certain milestones, one of which appears to be the sharing of a Netflix password. How romantic!

Netflix now has more than 62 million users worldwide. In Canada, Netflix is popular—more than 15% of Canadians actively use the video streaming service and during peak Internet usage hours, Netflix content can account for more than one-third of traffic.

The company launched its streaming service in 2007.

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