BuildDirect Unveils Home Marketplace to Rethink the Renovation Process for Consumers, Suppliers

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BuildDirect has launched Home Marketplace, an online platform designed to provide a seamless renovation experience by assisting homeowners at every stage of their remodel, from planning through home delivery.

Results from a recent survey of Canadian renovators commissioned by BuildDirect showed that while 92 percent agree that completing a home renovation was one of the most satisfying feelings, over half found the process more difficult than they expected. Challenges around price, selection and time were the most common issues faced. In fact, during the renovation process three out of four renovators visited three or more different stores, with 41 percent making 10 or more separate trips. In addition, nearly half chose different products from what they originally wanted because of price.

“The $500 billion home improvement industry has been lacking innovation for too long, but today as Home Marketplace officially launches, BuildDirect can perfectly showcase our vision for change,” said BuildDirect CEO Jeff Booth. “Home Marketplace marks an important milestone in our mission to create the world’s simplest and most trusted solution for home improvement. We are delighted to make it available to millions of homeowners and suppliers.”

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To combat the problem of limited product selection due to a lack of shelf space at traditional retailers, Home Marketplace will open homeowner searches to an infinite number of products. With access to free virtual design tools, Home Marketplace will empower homeowners to plan their spaces exactly as they desire. BuildDirect built an efficient heavyweight supply chain to overcome the industry’s slow and unreliable delivery standard.

Sellers enjoy a self-service portal, data-driven decisions, and streamlined logistics.

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