GoToMeeting Five: Startups to Watch in 2016

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The GoToMeeting Five profiles five of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada each month. The list is curated by Techvibes editorial staff and reflects who’s making waves in our nation’s tech ecosystem right now.

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Want to be a part of the next GoToMeeting Five? This list isn’t something you can apply for—but make a splash and you’re certain to get on our radar. Check out the December edition of the GoToMeeting Five after the jump.


Wiivv, Vancouver

Wiivv has developed a scalable, enterprise-level “adaptive manufacturing system” that features the world’s fastest product customization engine designed to produce custom body gear.

Wiivv’s inaugural product line is a custom made-to-measure insole called BASE. Users customize their own insoles in 5 minutes using their own smartphone and the final product is delivered two weeks later. Wiivv recently announced that it raised a $3.5 million seed round.


PopRx, Toronto

PopRx promises to be the “Uber of prescriptions” delivering medications by taking photos with smartphones. PopRx is a free delivery service and app that works with Canadian neighbourhood pharmacies to make sure our customers receive the best local service and prices.

The Toronto startup pitched to Dragon’s Den’s Next Gen Den and received an angel investment from OMX’s Nicole Verkindt and Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein.


Nanoleaf, Toronto

Founded in 2012 by University of Toronto graduates Tom Rodinger, Gimmy Chu, and Christian Yan, Nanoleaf is a green technology company focused on creating premium products that seamlessly merge the worlds of design and sustainability.

Originally launched on Indigogo, Nanoleaf’s first project in the smart home sphere is the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb which can be controlled by Apple’s Siri and is now available thorugh Amazon and Best Buy.


Ideal Candidate, Toronto

This sales recruitment platform just raised $2.5 million to continue the development of its intelligent, data-backed hiring service as well as to expand its existing presence in Toronto, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Ideal Candidate arose from the founders looking to scratch their own itch. When hiring salespeople for their first company, they discovered that there was no metric-driven method of choosing salespeople that would yield predictable performance results and intuition didn’t cut it.


Phazon, Montreal

Founded by former CFL player-turned-accountant Christian Houle, this Montreal-based startup is developing a wireless earbud that will fit snugly in anyone’s ears.

Launched via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the Phazon prototype was tested on over 500 people and fit them all. Phazon has raised over 1,000% of their original USD $80,000 goal and will have no problem breaking $1 million with 17 days to go.

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