GoToMeeting Five: Meet This Month’s Noteworthy Startups

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The GoToMeeting Five profiles five of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada each month. The list is curated by Techvibes editorial staff and reflects who’s making waves in our nation’s tech ecosystem right now.

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Want to be a part of the next GoToMeeting Five? This list isn’t something you can apply for—but make a splash and you’re certain to get on our radar. Check out the November edition of the GoToMeeting Five after the jump.


RoomRoster, London

Part of the growing tech startup scene in London (Ontario), RoomRoster is the World’s first comprehensive sports tournament and team accommodation management solution.
RoomRoster has secured angel funding and is driving revenue across North America in a variety of sports.
RoomRoster expects to triple headcount in 2016 and recently added Steven McArthur, former CEO, as Chairman of the Board.
Palette, Kitchener

Velocity Garage tenant Palette offers creative professionals a game-changing experience.

Unlike generic one-size-fits-all keyboard and mouse interfaces, users can fully customize the layout, function and even colour of each control module to fit their own workflow and favourite software.

Palette recently won the top prize at the UX Design Awards in Berlin.


Revlo, Toronto

A product of the Next36, Revlo is the fan engagement platform for live gaming.

Through virtual currency, Revlo helps streamers on facilitate easier audience interaction and build fan loyalty.

As fans become more engaged and feel more valued through Revlo, they convert into paid subscribers, tip more, and stay longer to drive higher advertising revenue for streamer.


Nobal, Calgary

Nobal (formerly Posh View) brings a Minority Report style interface to mirrors in hotel rooms and retail spaces.

The iMirror personal concierge helps customers order room service, purchase products, view promotions and much more.

Founded by Calgary entrepreneur Pieter Boekhoff, Nobal was recently selected by 500 Startups for their Batch 15.


RoadMunk, Toronto

Based at the Digital Media Zone in the heart of downtown Toronto, RoadMunk enables product innovators and executives to create, manage and share the strategic roadmaps of an organization.

This Communitech Hyperdrive graduate is off to San Francisco with the C100 for 48 Hours in the Valley next week and should have a new roadmap of their own to show for it.

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