World’s Most Energy-Efficient Light Bulb is Canadian, Controlled by Siri

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The three founders of Nanoleaf graduated from the University of Toronto with a dream to build impactful energy efficient products. But what started off as a solar-powered project led to the development of the most energy efficient light bulb in the world.

And now it’s launched on Indiegogo.

Partnering with Amazon and Best Buy Canada for the release of their smart lighting products, Nanoleaf is unleashing the Smarter Kit, one of Apple’s first HomeKit-enabled lighting products.

The smart products can be controlled by Siri voice commands. Just say “Siri, turn on my lights” and it’s done. You can customize the commands by name and by scenes, for example “Siri, turn off the lights for date night.”

“When we started thinking about ‘Smart’ lighting, we never really thought that using an App to control your lights made a lot of sense, instead, we thought voice control was the way to go,” said Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf.

When Apple announced HomeKit in 2014, the Nanoleaf trio Tom Rodinger, Christian Yan, and Chu reached out to Tim Cook, who connected them with the team responsible for Nanoleaf’s collaboration with Apple.

“We’re definitely the smallest company so far to work with Apple HomeKit and they have been very supportive of us throughout the process,” said Chu.

Since then, the team has expanded to include creative engineers, and industrial designers from OCAD, North America’s top design school to take charge of the sleek, geometric design of their smart products.

“We started thinking about this product in January and we’re proud to be in a position where we’re ready to ship products out. This is quite an accomplishment for a small company like ours,” said Chu.

But what sets Nanoleaf apart from other smart bulbs today is the Nanoleaf Ivy. It is a 60W equivalent LED that uses only 7W of energy to produce roughly the same amount of light at 800Lm – making it the most energy efficient smart bulb on the market.

The Smarter Kit comes with two Nanoleaf Smart Ivy bulbs, and one Smart Hub, which is in charge of connecting your iPhone to the bulbs.

With Nanoleaf’s revolutionary smart product, it’s safe to say their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Nanoleaf recently won the SEAD international award for the world’s most energy efficient bulb.

But according to Chu, this is just the beginning. The team has several new products lined up for early 2016.

“The way I see it is that within the next 10 years, every single light bulb will be connected. At Nanoleaf we believe there’s a bright future for connected lighting.”

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