Trippeo Launches App to Destroy the Nightmare of Expense Receipts

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Trippeo knows we’re sick of receipts ruling expense reports and wants to do something about it.

The company has launched ReceiptKeep, a mobile app that has “built a trifecta of intelligent expense management features” to gather and archive online receipts.

“Whether you’ve got e­receipts piling up in your inbox, or paper receipts spilling out of your wallet, Trippeo’s ReceiptKeep will find them, and organize them so ruthlessly, you’ll never need to worry about proof of purchase again,” the Canadian company says.

Quoth Trippeo:

The trifecta includes an assault of organizational tools. ReceiptKeep … can be accessed from anywhere. Our integration with Gmail automatically scans your inbox for e­receipts and send a PDF copy to your personal ReceiptKeep. Our OCR technology will read over a photographed receipt and match it to the appropriate synced expense. Expenses are automatically sent, synced, and saved with your Trippeo account.

“This release marks the Trippeo teams’ dedication to furthering expense automation,” CEO Adarsh Pallian says. “We see a future that automatically recognizes and organizes your expense needs, allowing you to focus on your business.”

Trippeo was founded in Vancouver in 2014.

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