National Girls Learning Code Day is November 7

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Toronto-based Ladies Learning Code, a national not-for-profit offering beginner-friendly tech education, is bringing back National Girls Learning Code Day for the second year.

On November 7, 650 girls aged eight to 13 will attend simultaneous in-person workshops in 28 cities across the country.

This year, in partnership with Google Canada, Ladies Learning Code has set out to teach girls important technical skills that will allow them to be passionate builders and not just consumers of technology, the organization says.

Parent-child pairs will learn and collaborate together to build a simple website from scratch using the web programming languages HTML & CSS.

“Coding and computer skills will open new interests and careers for Canadian girls,” said Colin McKay, Head of Public Policy and Government Relations at Google Canada. “Providing girls with the skills they need to build and create on the web is an important step in making sure Canada is a digital leader.”

“Girls Learning Code Day promotes digital literacy while helping Canadian girls learn that technology can be a creative tool to change the world,” said Melissa Sariffodeen, Ladies Learning Code’s Co-Executive Director. “In an effort to increase digital literacy across Canada, there’s a way for every Canadian to get involved in National Girls Learning Code Day.”

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