Brightstar Acquires WirelessWorks to Bolster Foothold in Canada

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Brightstar Corp., an American mobile tech company, this week announced the acquisition of Ontario-based WirelessWorks, a specialized consulting and solutions provider for mobile network operators and device manufacturers.

Brightstar already offers device protection solutions in Canada. But with this investment, Brightstar will establish its first permanent presence in the country to serve as a platform for introducing services across the entire device lifecycle for device manufacturers, mobile network operators, retailers and enterprises.

“The investment expands our customer profile and access into Canada’s fast growing mobile and technology industries, and at the same time, WirelessWorks’ mobile network and device engineering expertise will benefit Brightstar and open up new opportunities within the wireless ecosystem,” said Jaymin B. Patel, Brightstar CEO.

Established in 2010, WirelessWorks provides a wide range of engineering services, including mobile network planning and design, device test and certification.

“With Brightstar’s global capabilities, we’re able to provide even greater value to our customers and help strengthen their competitive edge in the market,” said Mike Hortie, former CEO of WirelessWorks, and now President of Brightstar Canada.

WirelessWorks says it will retain all employees, and will continue operating from its headquarters in Markham.

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