30 Years in, StarTech Accelerates Growth

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Keeping a company going for 30 years is a big accomplishment—keeping that company growing at that stage is even more impressive.

London, Ontario-based StarTech.com isn’t just growing, though. It’s now growing faster than ever.

Fist founded in 1985, the manufacturer and seller of hard-to-find connectivity equipment for AV and IT professionals, employed just 35 people in 1997.

This year, it reached 350 employees and it aims to grow its headcount to over 500 by the end of 2016.

“There’s no plateau on the horizon, we continue to set our sights on where is there room to grow in this market,” says Susan Honderich, StarTech.com’s director of talent acquisition.

In each of the past two years, the company has added 100 new employees.

“We’re becoming a bigger company,” Honderich says.

While it’s easy for small companies to be nimble, as StarTech.com grows into a medium-sized business, it’s now focused on making sure it has enough structure to keep growing while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit among employees.

“Now, that we are getting bigger we’re focused now on being scalable, we need to be smart in terms of our processes,” she says. “As you get bigger, it gets a little more important to have a bit more structure, but we don’t want to have structure to the point that it’s like lead in your feet.”

It isn’t easy.

“Growing from a tiny company to a mid-sized company challenges us,” Honderich says. “There have to be some changes. It’s going to feel different.”

And as the company’s workforce becomes increasingly global, it can be a tough transition.

“We’re embracing it and we’re learning,” she says. “When you have great people and everybody’s working together towards the common goal, it’s easier to stay on the right path.”

Consistent growth does come with some advantages.

“We’re growing and there’s new people coming in, so there’s always new ideas. The company invests heavily in people,” Honderich says.

Staying relevant and anticipating customer needs is also a big part of what’s kept StarTech.com going for over three decades.

Employees frequently meet with customers face-to-face at various events.

“We’re really, really attentive to how are our products working for end users, so always keeping that customer viewpoint at the forefront,” Honderich says.

StarTech.com will be at Techvibes Tech Fest in London on Oct. 20 and they’ll be looking for new people.

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