TMX Group, Unilever Join MaRS Clusters

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MaRS Discovery District today announced a new collaborative relationship with TMX Group.

TMX is joining MaRS’ financial technology cluster to connect with startups currently developing financial services technology with a focus on big data, crypto currencies, and capital markets.

TMX’s collaboration will support MaRS FinTech entrepreneurs with a range of opportunities, including the chance to work with TMX’s recently launched eXplore TMX Innovation Lab, a design and development space which focuses on market solutions in technology and big data, according to the two companies.

“I am delighted to announce our strategic collaboration with TMX as we continue to grow MaRS’ FinTech cluster,” said Adam Nanjee, Head of MaRS FinTech. “As part of MaRS FinTech, TMX will join MaRS’ growing community of financial technology companies and entrepreneurs, and, in doing so, learn from and build on new knowledge in financial services research.”

“Our relationship with MaRS FinTech will connect TMX to Toronto’s growing financial tech ecosystem,” said Dave Orzel, Head of eXplore TMX Innovation Lab. “It is an exciting opportunity for our company to engage and participate in local innovation while developing new solutions for our clients.”

In other news, Unilever is joining MaRS’ consumer and commerce cluster.

“The combined power of MaRS’ ecosystem with Unilever’s global reach and expertise makes this cross-industry collaboration a natural fit and huge opportunity for both entities,” said Sue McGill, Head, MaRS Consumer and Commerce. “By bridging the innovations happening on the front lines at MaRS directly to Unilever’s team, you create opportunities for accelerated growth – which is what our high impact, Canadian ventures need.”

“We are very excited to be working and partnering with the MaRS team and their entrepreneurial, forward thinking network of innovators,” said John Snow, Customer Packaging Global Innovation Leader, Unilever R&D. “This partnership helps prepare us for what the future brings and, more importantly, through innovation and collaboration, allows us to build and shape that future to be better and sustainable for our global community.”

Interac and CIBC are among the other companies in MaRS’ fintech cluster.

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