Why Some Canadian Companies Remain Cautious Around Cloud

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Canadian small businesses are proving themselves to be fast adopters of new technologies in the race to compete against larger companies, according to a recent national survey.

But the survey, conducted by Leger on behalf of Primus Telecommunications Canada, entitled Embracing the Cloud: Cloud services create small business edge, shows many small businesses remain hesitant to embrace the cloud.

With 52% of Canadian small businesses still not using any cloud-based function, the survey traced their hesitancy to embrace the cloud to several reasons.

40% of non-users of the cloud admit to being not very or not at all familiar with cloud-based services. 49% say they are somewhat familiar with cloud-based services.

9% of non-users of the cloud say they are very familiar with these services. 35% worry about the privacy and security of data in the cloud.

With 62% of small businesses stating that they are behind the curve when it comes to adopting new technology, they point to hurdles in accessing the same new technologies that large companies use.

Only 46% of small businesses feel that best-in-class IT tools and services are just as accessible to small businesses as large ones. Only 30% feel that small businesses receive the same level of service from IT vendors as do large businesses.

 “Today, small businesses must satisfy ever-rising customer expectations and keep their costs down to match the advantages of large corporations,” says Brad Fisher, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product, Primus. “Cloud-based services can help them compete, by empowering them with anywhere, anytime access to flexible, mobile business tools and resources that simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce their business costs, and help them deliver top notch service.”


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