Scotiabank Enables Mobile Payments Through EnStream

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Scotiabank this week expanded its mobile payment service.

By connecting to EnStream, a mobile payments hub, the Bank added Bell, Telus, Virgin and Koodo subscribers to the base of Rogers subscribers already served with their customer-focused mobile wallet.

EnStream enables credit, debit and pre-paid cards offered by all participating financial institutions across all wireless carriers in Canada.

By connecting to EnStream, Scotiabank becomes the fourth of Canada’s six largest financial institutions to use the hub for connectivity to mobile subscribers. The EnStream platform allows banks to maintain their direct relationship with their customers through their own banking or payment applications.

“We are very pleased to add Scotiabank to the card issuing banks we serve,” said Almis Ledas, EnStream COO.  “Global organizations are becoming increasingly aware that collaborative platforms are necessary for the growth of mobile payments.”

The number of NFC SIM cards in Canada, also required for SIM based mobile payments, has doubled to over four million during the first six months of the year.

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