Telus Bringing Fibre Optic Network to Most Vancouverites Through Billion-Dollar Commitment

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Telus announced this week that it is investing $1 billion to connect the majority of homes and businesses in the City of Vancouver directly to its art fibre optic network over the next five years.

“Bringing fibre optic infrastructure directly to homes and businesses is a generational investment, and the most significant contribution our organization can make to propel Canada’s communications infrastructure and ensure its global competitiveness for decades to come,” said Darren Entwistle, CEO.

Telus’ fibre optic network allows for “dramatically faster Internet speeds and vastly more capacity than current networks.”

“With more than half of the world’s population currently concentrated in urban centres, and increased urbanisation a reality for the future, cities with the capacity to leverage advanced broadband technology will enjoy an unprecedented advantage,” noted Entwistle.

When the first Vancouver neighbourhoods are fully connected early next year, local residents and businesses will be able to take advantage of home Internet speeds of up to 150 megabits per second, according to the company.

“Our $1 billion investment will provide one of Canada’s largest urban centres with ubiquitous access to the fastest and most reliable Internet services to dramatically improve the way Vancouverites live, work and socialise,” said Entwistle.

“Once complete, Telus’ fibre build will add more than 400,000 homes, businesses, hospitals, community centres and municipal offices to our fibre-lit landscape,” added Entwistle.

“We are all living in a growing, interconnected world where the latest technology can help local businesses succeed,” said Premier Christy Clark.

“Telus’ new leading-edge fibre optic network will transform communications for both residents and businesses in Vancouver, and significantly expand our success as one of the best connected and most competitive cities in the world,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson.

This commitment is part of Telus’ plan to invest an additional $4 billion in British Columbia through 2018.

“We will dramatically improve citizens’ lives through significant new social, educational and economic opportunities and empower governments to build a greener, more inclusive and globally competitive Vancouver,” Entwistle concluded.

Photo: Telus Garden

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