Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Funding

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It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

Maximo: 5-axis Robot Arm

We don’t know why anyone needs a robot arm (it’s just the robot arm) but we want one.

The robot arm comes as a kit and after it’s been assembled, users can control it with a game-pad type controller and some software.

For a robot, it looks pretty dexterous.

Early backers can get the robot arm for $265. The campaign is just over one-tenth of the way to its $50,000 but there’s over a month and a half left.

Naked Snacks: Delicious snacks, delivered right to you

Here’s a subscription snack service that delivers snacks right to your house. The snacks are prepared in Vancouver but they ship all over the country. There’s also some nice social benefit, with some of the snack makers giving jobs to people who would normally face barriers to working.

That said, they’re selling the snacks on their tastiness. They say the snacks – nuts and seeds and the like – are healthy, but who really knows about that.

Naked Snacks is already up and delivering snacks to people but they’re using Kickstarter to take it to the next level.

For $25 backers can give it a try and get a snack box with 20 portions. A year subscription goes for $280.

The campaign is just shy of its $10,000 goal, sitting at $9,433, with three weeks to go.

Lift Top: the Portable Sit-Stand Desk

Working at a standing desk some of the time is good for your health but sometimes you want to sit down and, let’s face it, most of us don’t have a standing desk. Standing desks certainly aren’t an option for those of us who don’t always work in the same place.

Well this project wants to be the best of all those worlds. It’s a portable standing desk that’s adjustable so you can also sit down.

Basically, it’s a large, sturdy-looking folding tray that sits on top of a table or desk and raises your computer.

The desk will cost backers $175. Early supporters can also get a case for the same price.

The campaign has an ambitious goal of $200,000. While it’s doing well, currently sitting at over $17,000, it’s still got a long way to go over the next three weeks.

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