GoToMeeting Five: A List of Canadian Startups Innovating Right Now

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The GoToMeeting Five profiles five of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada each month. The list is curated by Techvibes editorial staff and reflects who’s making waves in our nation’s tech ecosystem right now.

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Want to be a part of the next GoToMeeting Five? This list isn’t something you can apply for—but make a splash and you’re certain to get on our radar. Check out the September edition of the GoToMeeting Five after the jump.


Edvisor, Vancouver is the first end-to-end platform that directly connects schools that recruit internationally with the education agencies that sell their programs. distributes school offerings globally to agencies and centralize enrolments from agents to schools.

Last week they took home the $100K First Prize in the 2015 New Ventures BC Competition.


Maptiks, Prince George

A product of Northern BC’s Sparkgeo, bootstrapped Maptiks is “Google Analytics for web maps”. Sparkgeo is a team of geospatial web experts that help technology companies leverage location and make the most of maps.

Most sites use products like Google Analytics, or Mixpanel to track web activity, but surprisingly, user interaction tracking on a map doesn’t exist. Maptiks takes care of that and currently integrates with Google Maps API, OpenLayers3 and LeafletJS.


Neurio, Vancouver

Formerly known as Energy Aware, Neurio was named one of the 10 most game-changing Canadian clean technology companies by CIX Cleantech.

Neurio raised a $1.5 million seed round led by BDC Venture Capital late last year.

By using a single home sensor and some super smart cloud-based analytics, Neurio can monitor individual electrical devices from inside a home’s breaker panel without the need to install sensors on every device.


Nicoya, Kitchener

With Silicon Valley ‘godfather’ Steve Blank looking on as a judge, Nicoya Lifesciences pitched its way to a $50,000 prize at Communitech Rev’s Centre Stage earlier this month.

Nicoya’s technology, which incorporates nanotechnology, biochemistry and optical sensors, makes particular types of scientific testing easier and quicker. It also promises to radically reduce the cost of certain medical tests.


Whistle, Toronto

Toronto-based startup Whistle is a location-based app that allows users create profiles stating their available workout times and workout preferences.

The app then shows you a series of people with compatible schedules in your area and uses a swipe right/swipe left model so the user can choose the workout partner that’s right for them.

Whistle was founded Laura Davidson and built by Toronto’s FutureFuture.

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