This Week’s Coolest Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns

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It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

Watch To-Do organizer

This is pretty much the opposite of a smart watch. In fact, it’s not even a watch. Instead it’s a watch-size chalkboard that straps to your wrist.

At first it seems kind of silly but it actually might be a good idea. It puts your to-do list right in front of your face. It never runs out of batteries and it’s more stylish than a smartwatch. Also way more hipster. Still, could be cool if you want to remember something and don’t want to pull out your phone or carry a day planner around.

It’s like back when people used to write things on their hands or tied a ribbon around their finger to remember something (that might have just been in cartoons) but more practical.

It’s $39 for early backers. The campaign is looking to raise $15,500. Right now its at $285 but the campaign still has a month and a half left.

Alto Earbuds

Here’s a campaign for wireless earbuds. They use Bluetooth but they’re definitely not Bluetooth headsets. Instead they’re small and stylish and designed for listening to music.

They have a battery life of eight hours and come with a charging capsule that carries 16 hours of battery, meaning they can go 24-hours without being plugged-in.

The most important part though is the lack of cords, making them perfect for sports and other activities.

The earbuds start at $149 and the campaign is looking to raise $50,000. Just a couple days in, it’s at over $46,000.

PetBot: Elegant Smart Pet Monitoring

Whenever I’ve had pets, I’ve always wondered what they’re up to when I’m out for the day. Do they have a whole secret life? Are they climbing up on the furniture the moment I walk out the door?

Well, this crowdfunding campaign promises to answer those questions.

It’s a robot for monitoring your pets. Apparently it will listen to your pet and send you notifications when things are going on that might need your attention – for instance if your animal sounds like they’re in distress.

You can also use it to train your pet with the built-in speakers and treat dispenser. So if they are on the furniture (and of course they are) you can lure them down. But most importantly, there’s a video camera so you can see what they do when you’re not around.

It starts at US$149 or $196.84 Canadian. The campaign is looking to raise US$80,000. So far it’s at US$16,028 after three days.

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