This Week’s Coolest Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns

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It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

SparkBlocks: A Customizable Speaker Ecosystem

This is a portable speaker system that’s highly customizable. It’s built around a small hi-fi speaker that has four hours of battery power. Users can then add other features – extra battery life, a tweeter to brighten the high end, or a subwoofer to boost the bass.

There’s also a “SmartBlock” – a touchscreen that allows for greater control over the speakers and for notifications and calls (the expectation is that people will be playing music from their phones) as well as a bike attachment.  The blocks are all modular so users can set up their speakers however they want.

The main block will cost backers $119, other blocks are less and there are some packages incorporating multiple blocks. A couple days into the campaign, its raised almost $19,000. The goal is $100,000.

Swish: The Basketball Coach for Smartwatches

The problem with smart watches is that, for the most part, people are just using them as miniature smartphones.  Well, here’s an app that takes advantage of the specific qualities of smart watches to help people improve their basketball skills.

The creators, Toronto’s Onyx Motion, say the app can help people improve their basketball scores by 60 per cent. The app gives players real-time shooting tips on their watch and more data on their phones.

$5 gets backers early access to the app. The campaign raised almost $1,600 in the first day. The goal is $10,000.


This looks like it could have some potential, it’s a film about a former drug dealer turned grocery store stock boy but ends up getting pulled into a different sort of shady business. The campaign video looks pretty slick, which is a good sign, and the creators have worked on other projects in the past.

The campaign is also helping to relaunch the filmmakers’ family’s Indian meal kit business. While it’s a bit strange, it means that the perks include Indian food.

$30 gets a digital copy of the film. $50 gets the film and a meal kit.

La Denise: fruit and vegetable storage reinvented

Storing fruit and vegetables always does seem like a bit of a mystery – which ones go in the fridge and which ones are fine on the counter? Which ones go in the crisper? These are questions I can’t answer. But apparently, I’m way off.

This is a three-part system for storing fruits and vegetables in the optimum way to preserve their freshness – without the use of energy sources. Each of the parts is for storing a different types of fruit and vegetables in different ways – sand for some root vegetables, the ability to be watered for some fruits and vegetable, darkness for potatoes and onions.

It’s very original and the containers look really good – they’re made out of ceramic and wood.

It’s not cheap though. The whole set will cost backers $1,000. With just over a week left, the campaign has already raised $16,650, a little more than it’s goal of $15,000.

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