Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns You May Want to Fund This Week

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It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

The Palette: 3D Printing Evolved

This 3D-printer add-on allows users to print with multiple colours at the same time and use materials that they otherwise would be able to use, like conductive, carbon fibre infused, stainless steel infused and wood fill filaments.  The idea is that it will allow users to upgrade their 3D printers without the need to buy a new printer and the creators say it’s simple to install and works with a variety of printers.

With discounted rewards for early backers already snapped-up, the Palatte nows starts at $849. The campaign has already raised more than twice it’s goal of $75,000 in just a couple days.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

This looks like it could be a pretty cool twist on the platformer genre. It’s bases around a multiplayer mode where players build the levels as part of the game. There’s lots of jumping and lots of traps. There’s also a puzzle-solving single-player mode and the graphics look pretty cool.

There’s a demo out and the team behind the game is looking for more money to finish and polish the final product. $15 gets the game. The campaign is a little more than halfway to their $25,000 goal with a couple weeks to go.

OSS Mentality – Live Online Combat Sports Training

Remember I Mother Earth, the Canadian 90s rock band? Well their singer (not the first one, the second one) is now really into MMA and he’s trying to launch a new app aimed at the combat sport community. The idea is to connect amateurs with pros who can give them private lessons through videoconferencing.

There’s an integrated payment system, which will allow professional fighters to make additional income by providing lessons through the app. There are a whole bunch of different perks – at almost every price-point include discounts on fighting gear, t-shirts, hats and that sort of thing.

The campaign is looking to raise $30,000. In three days they were a little short of $1,000 – so still a long way to go but on their way.

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