Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns You May Want to Fund This Week

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It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:


Outward – The Adventurer Life Sim

Most open-world RPGs present a pretty unrealistic world and I’m not just talking about things like magic and fantasy creatures but rather the basic mechanics of the whole thing, if your character can eat, it’s more likely so they can heal not so they can survive.

This open-world game wants to take the genre in a bit of a different direction, it’s trying to present what life would really be like for an adventurer in a fantasy world. Players are going to have to deal with changing weather conditions, build fires and boil water to survive and rather than being a dot on the map, they’re going to have to use geographic landmarks to find themselves.

It also promises a different sort of experience, rather than being a legendary hero, who eventually becomes extremely powerful, players are just ordinary adventurers trying their make their way through a dangerous environment.  Seems kind of neat and, unlike a lot of projects like this on crowdfunding sites, the graphics look pretty good.

The campaign is looking to raise $150,000. Within a week it had raised over $30,000. $20 gets backers the game.

LOST and FOUND product – Universal Locator

This is a pretty straight-forward project, it’s a beeper that attaches to things you might lose – like a remote, your keys, a bag or even a wallet. You press the button on the main device and they others and the small tags that attach to the easily losable items beep. 

One device with two of the tags goes for $25 or it’s $40 with the Lost and Found device and five tags. The campaign is looking to raise $15,000 and it’s over halfway there with a couple weeks left to go.

Decibite: Hosting for the Internet Entrepreneur

Have you ever dealt with a business and thought, if I was running things, they’d be different. Well that’s the thought that seems to have crossed the minds of these Calgary-based entrepreneurs when they were dealing with their web hosting providers. So they’ve decided to start their own.

They’re promising fair prices, transparent pricing policies, high quality customer service, better security and no arbitrary site shutdowns. Unsurprisingly, the perks all come in the form of web hosting. Shared hosting, an SSL certificate and a new or transferred domain starts at $65 for backers.

It’s looking to raise $6,000 and after a little over two weeks it had reached $1,700.

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