Vancouver’s Connect the Doc Wants to Connect Private Healthcare with Public Patients

Vancouver web startup Connect the Doc is a new way to connect private healthcare professionals and patients. Founded in October 2011, CTD has over 75 clinics in the Greater Vancouver area and is planning on expanding across Canada later this year after the completion of their beta.

“Connect the Doc is bringing patients and practitioners together in brand new ways thanks to the development of new technologies,” says founder Nadeem Kassam. “Our service allows patients to search for different practitioners and book their appointments in less than 60 seconds. No one should ever have to wait on hold or drastically change their schedule to book a healthcare appointment on short notice. Patients should have the luxury of seeing availabilities with different practitioners, so that they can book the most convenient appointment.”

Connect the Doc’s interface allows patients to book appointments with Vancouver chiropractors, acupuncturists, dentists, massage therapists, optometrists, and physiotherapists. “Our service truly makes it simple to find and book an appointment,” Nadeem explains. “And if you’re a healthcare professional, you can fill last minute cancellations or gaps in your schedule just as easily – so everyone wins.”